david willis
My art practice lives within a cross-disciplinary approach to and deep curiosity about glass. Rooted in an understanding as critically important the complex (and simple) relationships between human socio-political and econo-industrial culture and nature; my work addresses these themes from individual, societal and global perspectives. Born of 20 years of investigation into and study of my material, I allow the work to lead me naturally towards the conversation I want to have, with process playing a supportive role.

Given the nature of glass and the extreme expenditure of energy necessary to bring it into a malleable state, along with having only been liberated from the factory and laboratory settings in which it was developed in the last several decades, glass has been historically and artistically under-explored. Given the limitations of the material, existing equipment, and mindset, I am challenged to (and enjoy) designing and building my work around technical corners and weaving strategic loopholes to allow for the realization of my projects. Appreciating the beautiful and unique and fascinating properties of the material, I am inspired to take advantage of them to contribute to my education, edification, and expression.