david willis

pushing up daisies, detail, flameworked borosilicate glass and assembled mirror box, 16"h x 10.25"w x 10.25"d 2021

A few notes about myself and my work are below:

I work mostly with glass, in a cross-disciplinary way, taking advantage of different studio processes. I find the material particularly interesting in the many ways it can be used; as a pigment, a building block, a mirror or a window, like tinker toys or a lump of clay… and all the combinations of the above. The way the material has the ability to shape shift allows, and encourages, my ideas and projects to do the same.

I operate from belief that people are basically all the same. So if I can use my work to communicate about the things that are the most deeply important to me, then these things will be relevant to, and resonate with the viewer. Because it is in my nature to see and discuss things literally, when I think "important" I start with air and water and food type thinking, the things that allow us all literally to survive. And then my family. These environmental and social relationships are the subjects I choose for my work.